Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Recover the hotmail password

Hotmail is a free email service provided by the Microsoft Corporation. It is very popular now with millions of users around the world. In today’s world mostly peoples are used Hotmail for personal and professional uses. In this article we will show you how to change the Hotmail password to protect your account. Because password lost or forgotten is the most common problem with everyone those who using any web service for emailing purpose. Your email and password should be taken care of like as your sensitive information such as your credit card and social security’s numbers. If your password has been lost then you have to lose your all important documents and then you have to face more problems. So protect your information’s.

Changing your password regularly is another good way to avoid getting hacked your account. When you choose your password you have to use a combination of numbers, letters, upper and lower cases, and symbols. This way, the chances of someone guessing your password is not so easily. So keeping your passwords different can prevent this easy access. 


So when you select your password then you have to remember some important things. Password should be kept safely and they should be strong enough so that no one able to crack them easily.

If by chance your password has been lost and forget then you don’t worry about it Hotmail account can also be recovered using bellow steps:

  • On the login page click on “cannot access the account”. 
  • On the next page select the option “I forgot my password”. 
  • Click “next” 
  • Enter the Hotmail id and the code given bellow in the box and click “next”. 
  • Select the option either an email id or a phone number. 
  • Go to mail and with the reset password link reset your password 
  • Now enter the verification code sent to you on the mail and click submits.
Now you have to recover your password yourself. Now if you are confused and want a direct help then you can contact Hotmail customer support number 0800 098 8424. This number provides you best help or advice to recover your Hotmail password.


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