Thursday, 23 June 2016

Why I Can’t Create and Delete My Hotmail Account Permanently?

Certainly Hotmail is one the most famous email programs continued by the windows live that has tainted the shape of communication. While using the Hotmail Email Account if your Account has been hacked by someone and if you are exit that email account just like that and you are forming a new Hotmail email account, after that it’s not suggested as an new email account performs as your identity. If your Hotmail email account is used by the person who has hacked your email account then you will be the first person or member who will be in big problem. Thus it is constantly suggested that you should get your Hotmail account safe and unhacked from the hackers and after that if you can easily delete or remove the emails account and generate a new Hotmail email account than you can use your Hotmail account.

Creating a New Hotmail Account is very simple and easy procedure and if you want to create a free Hotmail email account so you can pursue these certain steps:

 1. Go to the homepage of
 2. Faucet on the option of “Don’t have a Microsoft Account? Sign up”.
 3. Here tap or click Create Hotmail Account.
 4. Enter your correct email address and phone number in the given field.

 (Remember that your email address and password is correct because these are the options or alternatives where you will be sent a code when something goes incorrect with your new account)

5. Lastly, click on the button of Create Account to complete the creating new account process.

For deleting or removing a Hotmail Account, you can pursue these certain steps:

1. Enter your email id and password to Log into your Hotmail Account.
2. Tap on the picture or your name option.
3. Now three options Edit your profile, Sign out and Account settings will be appear. Choose Account settings in the given options. Tap Security and Privacy option.
4. Tap Security and Privacy option.
 5. Below the Account Security you have to click More Security Settings.
6. At the moment verify the possession of Hotmail Account via sending the Code to your registered email id. At the bottom of the page click Close Your Account.

That’s it, now your Hotmail Account will delete permanently.

After reading this article if you are not able and find some trouble to create and delete your Hotmail Account so you can take help by our Hotmail contact support expert technicians. And you can anytime contact 0800 098 8424 via our Third Party Hotmail service support technician if you have faced any of these Hotmail issues.


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