Friday, 26 August 2016

Update Microsoft with hotmail helpline number

Hotmail is widely used mail service that has millions of users worldwide. It is widely used by its millions of users because it provides enhanced and updated services and to continue providing best and advanced services it keeps on updating itself in fixed interval of time. Outlook suggests its user to upgrade with the changes to enjoy more worthy online experience. Thus update yourself and in case you need any information or update related to update take it from Hotmail customer service number.

Microsoft the owner of Hotmail and Outlook announced that they are retiring their live email service. Microsoft has warned all the users of Hotmail and Yahoo to move to the modern desktop app or to the web otherwise they will lose their email accounts.

Microsoft is in the process of upgrading the old email addresses with the security enhancement and latest technologies. The users who have their email account on,,, or @ got the upgraded service from June 2016. With these upgraded from the users will not be able to use the Windows live mail 2012. 

Microsoft is putting all its effort and working hard on Office 365 and to make sure that both the services are compatible with one another.

The upcoming next-generation Microsoft operating system is quickly running to the end of its year-long upgrade scheme.

Microsoft also announced for users that now for upgrading their machine to Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro users have to pay between £99 to £130. The users who do not want to upgrade can access their mail through any browser and can access all their data which is currently on their Windows Live Mail 2012.

The users who will update now get the latest upgrades free, including the upcoming Anniversary update.

If you want any Hotmail help email then you can contact with Hotmail helpline number 0800 098 8424 and you want to know about Hotmail services then you can visit this website here you can get best solutions.


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