Thursday, 30 March 2017

Easy steps to change your hotmail profile picture

Hotmail support number
Hotmail is the free web based email service which is originated by Microsoft. It is used by many users all over the world. It provides many different features and functions which makes it easy to accessible. It is very advanced email service as it has many unique features. When you login to your email account, you see your profile pictures in the upper left side corner of the page. This makes very easy for anyone to identify your email account. It helps in making a good effect on the communication process. The person who you send an email could easily identify you. If you don’t like your recent profile picture and you need to change it, then you are able to do this. But you don’t have any idea to perform this task. You can easily do this only by getting basic measures by. You can change this by logging in to your email account. 

Following are the given some measures to change the profile picture of your Hotmail account.

  • Open your web browser and go to the official website of Hotmail. Enter the information to get access to your email account.
  •  The welcome screen displays your current profile picture under the logo of Windows Live which is in the upper left side corner of the page.
  •  You may move the cursor of mouse over the profile menu to display a popup menu. From the menu, click on the Change Picture option. 
  •  Click to Choose File and search the desired picture on your pc which you want to make your new profile picture. Double click on the particular picture to upload. 
  • When the upload process is finished, a preview box displays that your profile picture will look like when you save it. 
  •  To crop the preview image, you can click and drag on it. Large size of the picture, higher the clarity of the picture. 
  •  Then click on the option of Save to save your profile picture.
You can perform this task easily only by observing the above measures. If you are facing any problem or you are in trouble, then you can contact to 0800 098 8424 to get the best solution and guidance by the experts to resolve your every problem. Technicians are available at 24*7 to help and support you.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Dial hotmail phone number for solve your issues

Hotmail is viewed as one of the recognized online email service which was begun in 1996. This mail now gloats of almost 260 million users. With a vast user base, it is getting a charge out of a kind of authority in its field. Such a large number of clients use this email for their communication purposes. Be that as it may, there can be conditions where a client is not in a position to use his mail account. There can be a few issues, for example, Hotmail account settings issues which keep a client to utilize his email account in an appropriate way. Solution of these issues is conceivable with the assistance of technical support that is constantly accessible to offer you the best help according to their necessities. A portion of the hot mail issues, other than Hotmail account issues are account password recovery issues or email sending issues.

hotmail phone number

At the point when your Hotmail account is having any technical trouble, the most reasonable thing to do is to counsel the help support service group which can give you quick resolutions. The specialized staff can save a lot of your time by offering you proficient services as craved by you. That a client should simply to make a call to these technical support experts through and they will leave him fulfilled by taking care of their issues and errors. The Hotmail email group is extremely dedicated to resolve the inquiries of the clients in an exceptionally proficient way.

The Hotmail live help officials give the arrangements of an assortment of Hotmail blunders which the clients may confront while using their Hotmail email account. A portion of the issues they can resolve are: 

  • Password recovery and resetting of Hotmail account 
  • Change Hotmail email password and change account settings
  •  Safety and security against hacking of Hotmail account
  •  Tech support related to mail inbox problems 
  • Configure Hotmail account with other email accounts
  •  Quick removal of blunders concerning reading and creating the email messages 
  • Online support for email attachments issues with Hotmail email 
  • And much more issues related to Hotmail account 

The clients can want to find suitable solutions via Hotmail live help and support executives whenever according to their need. At the point when the user's call these specialized people, they give each conceivable help in unraveling their inquiry in the quickest conceivable time. These expert specialists make best utilization of cutting edge types of gear keeping in mind the end goal to offer remote help to the clients. At the point when a client calls a specialist, then his call is associated with these technicians for its quickest evacuation. These specialist experts are exceptionally qualified and know the most ideal approach to tackle various questions of the clients.

There are many advantages of taking assistance from the help support administrators: 
Hotmail support number

  • These specialists utilize advanced strategies and types of gear to render the best remote technical administrations to the clients.
  • As they are accessible 24 hours of 7 days, so the clients don't need to think about the correct time to call them. Furthermore, they additionally give their services even on Sundays and any national occasions.
  •  They give cost effective intends to any tech help to the email clients. 

Everyone who critically needs online help center or to avoid their technical glitches related to Hotmail email can look these helpline numbers on the web. With the assistance of this Toll Free 0800 098 8424 UK you can keep all your Hotmail issues and problems under control.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Hotmail helpline number 0800 098 8424 to fix your account issues

hotmail helpline numberHotmail is a brilliant free Web-based email service which is introduced by Microsoft. It is presently the biggest Web-based email service due to its amazing features and user friendly interface. It supports all type of functions which makes your work easy with it. But rather than its features it also leads to some problems and stops your email account from working. In that case you face many trouble and you are frustrating too. So, you don’t get worried about this. provides you an easy way and instructions that helps you in fixing your Hotmail problems.

Here are the given some measures to fix your Hotmail problems:

  • At first go to the official website of Hotmail and check out the secure Hotmail login page.
  • Clear all the cache of your Web browser application.
  •  Make sure that the cookies are enabled and erase your all cookies. 
  • You may have to update the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your system. 
  • Execute a refresh page. When you will log in the blank page, you may press the “Ctrl” key. Then press on the “F5” key.
  • If you are using the browser of Internet Explorer, try creating use of Mozilla Firefox. Download and started the latest Firefox then use Firefox to access Hotmail. 
  • Check your antivirus software program and make certain that it is updated. 
  • You may update and launch your antivirus software program. 
  • Reset the security and privacy settings of your Internet browser to the default value. 
  • If you are using the browser of Internet Explorer, you may have to download and reinstall the latest version of the Internet Browser application program. When your Internet Browser is updated or reinstalled, then try to start Hotmail account and establish if you will be able to login. 
  • Other than creating use of the DNS servers of the Internet Service suppliers, use the Opendns servers. 
  • Occasionally, Hotmail is that the issue. You may wait for some time and then try to login to your email account again.
  •  You may reboot your PC system. 
  • Then you can use your email account.

If you face any trouble in doing this process, then you can contact to 0800 098 8424 to get the instant solution and best tech support by our third party technical experts team at 24*7 to solve your problem.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Export Calendars from your Outlook

hotmail support uk
Outlook is one of the best and fast email services which is started by Microsoft. It has different functionalities which user can easily access for their convenience. You can send and receive emails in a quick mode and it also a very effortless email service to use. It has some advance features also which can minimize the work of the people and also saves a lot of time. It has a unique feature of exporting a calendar.
Exporting your calendar from Outlook is a way to back up your calendar to preserve the information comfortable if you want to restore it or to import the calendar into some other software. The calendar report can be saved in any other location on your system, a disk drive or a portable device. It is fairly smooth to export the calendar in your email account. It only takes a couple of minutes and a couple of clicks to have the calendar exported and saved to your system. Hotmail support number UK provides you few instructions to export your calendars.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Alternate way to check other Email addresses in Hotmail

Hotmail, now called Windows Live Hotmail, is one of the biggest and most established webmail benefits on the Web. Along these lines, is additionally a standout amongst the most recognizable email area names Online, with a great many independent companies picking free or paid forms of the services to remain in contact with clients and providers. When registering for or utilizing Hotmail, you may enter data for other email accounts you need to partner or associate with your Windows Live Account. Motivations to enter interchange email address data in Hotmail for the most part need to do with security or merging messages from at least one outside accounts. On the off chance that you have to update alternate email id info in Hotmail, your account settings page contains the outer delivers and empowers you to roll out improvements if necessary. Hotmail contact number UK

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Want to Re-activate Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the best e-mailing services for the clients. It is a free electronic email benefit gave by Microsoft. It was presented on 4 July 1996. It permits you to send and get messages and furthermore gives sound players, spam filtering video talk and a great deal more features which takes your less endeavors to do your work. 

hotmail phone number
Hotmail serves an approach to encourage your own particular altered inbox wherever you'll have the capacity to keep the majority of your messages, calendars and upgrades composed. Hotmail gives the support to adding boundless folders to arranging the data per particular organizers. On the off chance that watch the group coordinated effort for business reason or conveying any joint venture then Hotmail support this system what's more wherever the colleagues will share and get to the joint work. The mix of whole Microsoft in Hotmail has made the Hotmail one in everything about easiest email services thus of at present the clients of Hotmail will alter and save their Word and PowerPoint documents right from their inbox.

In the event that you doesn't sign into your Hotmail email account for an amplified time interim, it may build the account inactivate – particularly, 360 days. On the off chance that you don't have a dire need of your Hotmail account. Only don't log certain 360 days in order to allow it to debilitate all alone, that grants you to revive it later if you again need to active your old Hotmail Account. Some of the time you still no longer need to get to your account that is the reason you deactivate your mail account. Yet, later you understand that there are so much helpful or needful data is conveyed in that email account and you wish to open it again however shockingly you are not ready to do this of your own. Be that as it may, don't get stressed it is currently simple with Hotmail to get to your deactivated Hotmail account once more. You could without difficulty get to it again on the grounds that Hotmail has the element to revive the deactivate account by some basic and essential steps that you need to take after to reactivate it and afterward utilize it.

On the other hand it is conceivable to close the Hotmail account on the "Close Account" page on Hotmail email account. After you close your Hotmail account, the substance of the email account – like the inbox, saved and your contact rundown are removed for all time. helps you in reactivating your Hotmail account.

Disadvantages of closing your Hotmail email account:- 

The essential disadvantage of shutting your Hotmail account totally is that it is excruciating to recover the email account whenever, however in the event that you need to utilize the account afresh. It is conceivable to dole out the account to an alternate, non-Hotmail email address after you close your Hotmail account, deleting the process for work on to Windows with a Hotmail email address that you just not utilize. 

Ways that helps you to reactivate your Hotmail Email Account-

1. Go to the site of Hotmail to reactivate Hotmail Email Account.
2. Enter the email id or password of old Hotmail account which you want to reactivate.
3. Click on alternative that presentations "Active My Account". 
4. Type other Hotmail email id in the given next text field.
5. Click on alternative "Proceed" to reactivate your old account. 

I Hope the given steps helps you in reactivating your deactivated Hotmail email account. On the off chance that you are not fulfill with the given data then you approach to get the precise and fundamental data to resolve your email issue. Our tech expert executives will give you the amazing assistance to overcome of these sorts of issues and you will ready to settle each issue which you confront in getting to your account.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Use Category & Instant Action Features in Hotmail

Hotmail has likewise presented two all the more new features – Categories & Instant Actions. Give us a chance to perceive how we can put them to utilize. There are such a large number of ways that they can be put to use by arranging them in various ways. Give us a chance to see one of them.

Categories or classes in Hotmail Account

Above all else, in the event that you don't see the Category segment (as demonstrated as follows) in the message list, then tap on Gear symbol other than Quick perspectives and tap on 'Deal with Categories' option.

On the other hand, 'Deal with Categories ' can likewise be gotten to as indicated tapping on "Classifications" menu alternative. Check the box of demonstrate the classification section in the message list'. 

There are loads of Categories specified as a matter of course and you can classify your mail by adding them to it. We can likewise make new classifications. A standout amongst the most valuable categories is "Bulletins/Newsletters" the same number of us get numerous Newsletter and we do get irritated when they begin amassing. We will perceive how to "Sweep" these Pamphlets clean, in one of our future post.

Instant Activities – Hotmail Account 

Presently discussing Instant Actions ' feature of Hotmail email account – Instant activities show up next to the sender names and the titles in your email message list, when you mouse over them. This gives an instant approach to make a move without opening the email. This can be altered and can include new Instant Activity.

In this article we will make utilization of these two features of Hotmail, where a few clients needs to have both old and new banner or flag features. You might need to flag a few messages that you think may not be as vital as others but rather you might need to return to it later. Furthermore, perhaps you likewise need to signal critical mail that must be appeared over the Inbox. 

Make another category and call it 'Review Later'. This should be possible from Speedy Views> and new category option. Presently we have another class "Review Later" where we will put all our hailed or flagged messages in. They will be hailed, yet won't be appeared on top like the new element. Furthermore, to make this activity simpler, we will Alter Instant Activities.

We will make another Instant Activity to include the "Review Later" Category in your email account. 

Go to Alternatives button and tap More Choice and Customizing Hotmail account then click Instant Activities button. From Instant Activities window, just tap on Include Actions link and Categorize and choose Review Later starting from the drop list. Pick a symbol for right now Activity. We will utilize 'Move down' to put it along the "Flag" symbol under 'Show dependably'. Keep in mind to tap on "Save" button. 

Presently go to the Inbox and you can see our new Instant Activity and the Banner – both being dependably appeared and when moused over. 

Then add the emails to be flagged for Later Survey, tapping on the new symbol we have made for the "Review Later" Instant Activity. In this way we have both old and new flagging components being shown, as critical messages are likewise appeared on top of Inbox. You can get just the Review Later email by tapping on "Review Later" button of category.

As the group itself has stated, these features are for Power Clients who needs to have everything, so it may set aside a touch of time for ordinary client to take in these. Yet, once you know, you can make utilization of them from multiple points of view as indicated by your requirements.

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