Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Know about enhanced features of hotmail with hotmail support contact number

Hotmail is an outstanding email service providing site all around the world. It is one of the most reliable and convenient web mailing sites. It was started in 1996. Day by day an increase in the number of users has been observed by hotmail. Hotmail provides many Interesting facilities just under a single window by just a few mouse clicks. The various facilities include mailing services, it also does the work of a search engine, also it helps you spend your free time entertaining yourself by playing online games etc.
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Hotmail has come up with many new and interesting features for its users such as increased file attachment size, ability to edit, view and share documents online, conversation view, better mobile experience etc.  The hotmail has updated another important feature related to security issues. Although, it already provides the security to the mails of the users but now it has updated the feature of security for logging in and browsing(reading/sending) mails. Now you can view or edit any Microsoft document using hotmail. You need not download they document on your computer system. You can access the document by just logging in your hotmail account and mail the document to yourself.

Another updated feature of hotmail is Real time document collaboration. This feature is useful as follows. For instance, you and your team mate need to work on the same document simultaneously; you can easily do this by just clicking on the file which should be presented on the sky drive of the sender of the document to view it online. You can see number of members working on the same document. You can also immediately check the changes made in the document. With the updating of many new features on hotmail, now you can send huge files in a single email. You can attach a document up to 10 GB in a single mail. You can also edit the document and reply to the sender without downloading the document on your system. You can edit it online in your skydrive account without any changes in the format. This saves a lot of time.

Each time hotmail brings in updated and the most advanced features for its users. All this updates and new implementation it brings for its user so that user can enjoy better experience of hotmail platform online. Hotmail is well aware of the fact that there are various competitive mail platform that exist today but it make sure that it provides best interphase to its users so that they do not witch to another mail platform for their mailing needs. With every rolled out updated it brings something new. To stay up to date stay connected to hotmail support contact number Call 08000988424

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