Friday, 30 June 2017

Increase the viewed Message quantity on Hotmail

Hotmail email service is one of the leading and superbly designed free web based email service in today’s world. Hotmail email service is now become the finest email service due to its fast user friendly and compatible features and functions which are very useful for the users to perform the mailing activities. It is very reliable as it is the best and fast way to communicate with the peoples in terms of sending and receiving emails. It is recommended to all the users who run their organization; it provides lots of benefits to them. By this, you can easily deal with your clients and employees and it also plays a major role in the growth of your organization. The additional features in it make it so unique than any other email services. Hotmail also allows you to disable bound viewing choices, increasing the quantity of messages viewed per page on the most of the screen. You can also connect with the Hotmail Tech Customer Support Experts to get solutions to resolve any issue.

This unique feature helps you to quickly browse the messages; however it was not available for the user's bound older editions of this email service. If you are using Hotmail email service for the first time or you have not logged on since Hotmail email service merges with the Microsoft. You will then update the settings of viewing in the choices of your Hotmail account. For any help and support, you just need to get connect with the tech support team to obtain the useful measures to perform any specific task. You just connect with them by make a call to a toll free number.

Here are the given some measures that you have to take a look up in order to increase the quantity of viewed messages in your Hotmail Account:

·        At first, you may need to visit to the official website of Hotmail.
·        Now, you need to login to your Hotmail account by entering your username and password.
·        Now, you must click on the button of Options which is located within the higher right side corner.
·        Click on the Off which is below the heading of Reading Pane Settings. This choice disables the reading pane of your Hotmail Account, increasing the portion of your screen which is dedicated to viewing the all messages.
·        Click on the given option of More Option in order to open further menu choices.
·        Then click on the option of Conversation and Quicker Reading.
·        Check on the checkbox of the option Group messages by conversation.
·        When you group same type of messages together, this will minimizes your email conversations, exploit a lot of area to look at the messages on the main inbox screen in your Hotmail account.
·        Then click on the option of Save to done the all changes.

After the above listed measures, you can easily perform this task. If you are having any problem or you find yourself in trouble then you can contact to the Hotmail Customer Service Number UK 0800 098 8424 to get the instant solution and measures by the third party technical experts team to resolve the all issues in an instant manner. You can also get 24*7 help and support by the highly graduated and skilled technicians to resolve your all issues. They will completely help you and give proper assistance to settle down you're all issues as you can use your email account without any issue. Hope this will be very helpful for you and contact the tech support in case of facing any issue. We are provide service to solve all types of Hotmail help.

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Resolve the Oversized OST File issues in Hotmail

Hotmail is widely known for its excellent emailing services because of its various amazing features that make it completely different from the other emailing applications due to which it is widely prefer by the business person and an individual. It provides lots of inbuilt features to the users which are very helpful in accessing the email account. Later it is now converted into Outlook with all new advanced features and functions. This is commonly occurred issue and you need to solve it instantly. Hotmail helpline number provides instant help and support to the users to overcome on the problems. You can get the all useful measures on your tips by just dialing a toll free number to connect with the tech support team.

Issues that you may generally face when the size of the file het crossed due to increased size of OST file are following:
  1. ·        Unable to load and open the OST File.
  2. ·        Incapable to add any of the data.
  3. ·        Unable to synchronize the exchange Server with the OST files.
  4. ·        Number of the messages appears as the error during the process of synchronization.

After the launch of the Outlook 2003, there were no any limitation problems for the storage because this version uses the file format of Unicode via which we can easily increases the limit more than the 2 GB. By this you can easily store data in the OST file more than the 2 GB.
Instructions to change the OST file to the Unicode:
  • ·        At first, you may open the Outlook and then you may click on the Tools option and then click on the Account settings. Now click on the email tab and then click on two times on the Microsoft Exchange.
  • ·        Now click on the Button of more Settings and after that click on the Select tab.
  • If you show that the Outlook is running in Unicode mode then it signifies that your outlook is running in non Unicode mode. Below are the steps to change the mode:
  • ·        You need not require checking the option use cached Exchange Mode and if you see the option you must restart outlook for these changes to take effect, then you may required clicking on.
  • ·        Now click on the button of Offline Folder File Settings and then further copy the way to the OST File.
  • ·        Now you may close the Outlook.
  • ·        Then you may delete the OST file that you found before.
  • ·        Then you may open the outlook and then start it in online mode without the presence of the Offline file.
  • ·        Then you may enable the Cached Exchange Mode.
  • ·        Now open the Outlook, then you will find that your Outlook started to download the complete messages from the server.
  • ·        Now verifies the Outlook to know that whether the Outlook is running in the Unicode mode or not. For the verification process, you may need to select the Tools option and then account settings then Microsoft Exchange, further click on more settings and then click on the Advance tab. Now wait for a message, when it comes then you may perform the desired task.
After the above measures, the size of the OST file increases. If you are facing any issue in that then you may contact to the Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the issues. You can also get proper help and suitable assistance by the technicians to resolve your all issues instantly.