Wednesday, 13 September 2017

How to Sorting email in Hotmail account

Hotmail is a useful and the most advance application providing platform that provides enhanced mail services with advance features. Hotmail is a platform that enables users to receive and send millions of mails online. Providing trustworthy and helpful email services Hotmail  has managed to become a leading platform for mail purposes. Hotmail is useful and user friendly yet in case user face any issue sending or receiving mails over Hotmail they may obtain easy help from Hotmail helpline number.
There are plenty of mails that enter a mail inbox each day. With so many mails that enter it becomes little difficult for Hotmail users to manage all of them. Hotmail mail is a center of hundreds of mails even if it is used for personal usage and in case if it is used for professional mailing needs than thousands of mails may also enter your inbox. Out of this thousand of mails only few are useful and important but as they are so much in number it is little difficult to find this among so many mails in Hotmail inbox. For managing such important mails Hotmail provide easy facility of email management facilities.

Folder management tips – It is possible to manage and maintain folders in Hotmail. A user may create different folders as per needs and then choose to reenter the important  mails directly into such folders so that next time you need to access certain mails it is possible with the easy folder management.

Sorting emails by Category – Other than specifying mails in folders it is possible to sort your important mails on the basis of categories. There can be more than one category added to the mails of the Hotmail which may used to search the required mails at times. Other than the mails in the hotmail inbox it is also possible to add category to applied task and calendar items.

Moving to archive or deleting it – Hotmail also let its users send mails to another default folder option this may be archive or delete. A user may simply delete the unessential mails to specify interest on required mail. He may also send mails to archive the he wants to access later at time.

Flagging the emails – With Hotmail inbox it is even possible to flag or un-flag mails to be access later. The next time you wish to access the important one only have a track to the previously flagged mail message to access them and leave the un-flagged mails.

If you are not interested to use either of the easy management tips as suggested by outlook you may directly use it easy search feature that let you find right mail within frame of seconds. Simply go to search bar and search the mail with the title, subject or the sender name.

When user get such a wonderful mail management tips and tricks over Hotmail there use become enhanced and easy still if in any case user need easy mail management tips they may obtain easy help from Hotmail contact number 08000988424
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