Thursday, 26 October 2017

Block or unblock automatic picture download in outlook

Outlook is pretty useful mail platform that allows several enhanced and advanced features for its users. One among such is the image features. Outlook allows easy sharing of images this is quite easy but in case of any issue you may obtain easy help from Hotmail phone number uk.

Images add a special effect to your outlook email. Outlook was first in its line to provide a facility of image attachment. When you are sending your mails on an advance platform of outlook you may add a image file to it so that you can better convey your messages to your friends and family via your outlook platform.

But in case it comes as an attachment to the mail itself you may simply download it to see it. Sometimes by default all the images that you have received as an attachment get downloaded and stored on your device which you may choose to stop. Its users personal wish that if he wants to download the attached image manually or by default. It is better to choose to download the image sent as an attachment personally rather than default because blocking pictures can help your computer stay free from virus. This will restrict any virus image to enter to your pc. Further if you feel it is safe you may download it later.

Advantages of blocking automatic picture attachment download:
  1. It may help you recognize the potentially offensive material and help you avoid viewing it.
  2. It may help you keep malicious code away from damaging the data on your computer.
  3. It allows you to decide whether a particular image is good or bad for you.
You may choose to block the email images to be downloaded by default.
  • You may block a image download from a specific user or domain.
  • You may block image in a single message.
  • You may also block images to be downloaded in all the messages.
It is easy but if you face any problem you may obtain easy help from Hotmail support number uk.


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