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Complete Guidance for Using Outlook Mail Merge From Excel

The major use of mail merger is to make numerous files or documents at one go. These documents have identical design, organizing, text, and graphics. Just particular segments for each document differ and are customized. The Word file can make with mail merger incorporates mass labels, letters, email messages, and folder. Essentially there are 3 documents associated with the email merger process which are your main documents, information source, and combined document.

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Prepare data or information in Excel for mail merge

The vital procedure via the email merge is the setup and arrangement of the data. The Excel Spreadsheet is utilized as the information source for the list of recipient. All info ought to be converged in the first sheet and the column names in the sheet should coordinate the field names you need to embed via the mail merger.

Let’s Begin the Mail Merger process

  1. In the Word file you have to pick File and after that New. Presently tap on the blank file option.
  2. Then open the Mailing section and afterward to the start mail merge group. Here, just Pick Start Mail Merger link and the sort of merger you need.
  3. Presently pick Select Recipient box and afterward choose utilize an Existing List tab.
  4. Program or browser to the Excel Spreadsheet and then you can pick Open.
  5. In case if the Word prompts at that point pick Sheet1 and afterward click OK button.

How to insert a merger field

  • At first, open the Mailing section and afterward go to Compose and Insert Field group. Presently you can pick Address Block tab.
  • After this select an arrangement or format for the recipient’s name in the Insert Address Block box. It will now show up on the envelope.
  • Then you have to pick OK.  At that point choose File or Document' and simply click on Save button

How to preview and complete mail merge

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