Tuesday, 27 February 2018

How to Block Unwanted Email in Hotmail account

While you need enhanced mailing services without any issues you must trust only hotmail which has been a provider of enhanced mail services since last many years. It is user’s integral mail platform. Hotmail knows how to meet well with mailing needs of its users and it keeps on providing this to all its users worldwide. Other than enhanced services it can also provide customized mailing needs which make it user’s favorite. This provides and flexibility to use their mail platform as per their usage and flexibility and in case if users face any issues you may obtain easy help from 0800-098-8424 Hotmail Customer Support Telephone Number UK

Despite outlook have so much security measures for mail security still it is equally prone to spam mails issues as well. Spam mails are quite irritating for users because they are useless and sometimes harmful as well. Sometimes hackers sent spam mails to get an inappropriate access to your account to use it in negative sense. Spam mails can also be mails that ask for your personal information so that it could be used in a wrong manner. It is because of all these reasons why managing spam mails become so essential in outlook and there are several tricks suggested by outlook to manage them some of which are:

  • Block sender – When you know that you have been receiving spam mails from the same sender you can simply block that sender such that any mails from that sender will not be allowed to enter to your Hotmail inbox in rare future. 
  • Send mails from one sender to junk – Also if in cases you are receiving spam mails from the same sender again and again you can add the email address of the same sender to the block sender list and then switch to move all those mails messages to junk such that you never receive in inbox. 
  • Create folders for sorting – You may create your own folder with the name as spam and may manually or automatically move all those spam mails to those folder with the help of outlook moving and sorting options. 
  • Use rules – It is also possible to automatically move the mails with the help of rules of outlook. 
With these easy tricks spam mail management becomes quite easy in outlook. Use this tricks and stay away from harmful spam mails but in case you face issues using these features find easy help from Hotmail help line number UK.


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